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Our approach

We recommend that every coaching engagement follow the process outlined below. This system ensures that the focus of the coaching engagement is on the right issue, the one that has the most leverage for the organization. It highlights the expected results, addresses concerns and ensures support from everyone.

When working with individual clients, we follow the same process and adapt it to individual personal coaching.




Full scope of work prior to start of the coaching sessions Understanding of the issues, desired outcomes, and expectations as well as engaging all parties involved
Assessments Provide baseline information about the organization and the individuals who will benefit from the coaching initiative
Weekly one-on-one sessions with person being coached Increased ROI and sustainability of changes in behavior with the person being coached
Self-directed learning agenda Ensures commitment of the person being coached
Monthly feedback session with the person being coached and his or her manager Provides opportunity for the person being coached to report on progress. Acts as a checkpoint to allow for any adjustments

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