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Coaching Programs

Corporate Coaching
Does your executive team work well together? Does the organization have a compelling vision that motivates and excites employees? This program supports the executive team in clearly defining the culture of the organization, its vision, values, and purpose to ensure alignment with the whole organization and pursue corporate growth. It provides an objective sounding board on issues and challenges the executives to think out of the box.

Executive Coaching
As an executive do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, unsure of yourself? Do you wish you had an objective sounding board to help you see clearly and objectively? Are you having difficulty in areas of your career or personal life? Do you want to implement effective strategies that will support your goals? This one-on-one program supports executives who want to increase their focus and effectiveness in their personal and work life.

Leadership Coaching
Do you have employees who you know have the potential and yet what they miss is some fine-tuning of critical leadership skills? Is succession planning an issue for your company? Are you concerned about losing invaluable employees to the competition? This program will help in developing and fine-tuning of critical leadership skills to be an efficient and resonant leader, at any level of the organization.

Performance Coaching (individuals or teams)
Is the right person in the right job? It is said that a company’s most valuable assets is its employees… Yes, but only if the employees are in the right job and are performing at their potential. This program will help in finding out what’s in the way of maximized performance and setting goals to achieve success.

Small Business Coaching
Small business owners and sole proprietors often have to wear many hats. Sometimes wearing all these hats may get confusing and the growth of the business may suffer. Small business coaching supports the entrepreneurs in growing their business and dealing with the inevitable issues of owning a business.

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