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Why Coaching

Do any of these issues look familiar to your organization?

  • Retaining high performing employees?
  • Developing your employees to the next level of management?
  • Is the right person in the right job?
  • Are your employees motivated?
  • Are your employees as productive as you would like them to be?
  • Are your employees confident enough to make decisions on their own?
  • Do you find yourself or your managers communicating one way and the employees responding in another way?
  • Are your teams working effectively and efficiently?
  • Is morale in your company an issue?
  • Are stress-related absences an issue?
  • Have you tried the traditional training approach and wondered about the sustainability of results?

Do any of these issues look familiar to you or your management team?

  • Do you find yourself lacking time?
  • Would you like your employees to be more self-reliant?
  • Are you a hands-on manager or one that delegates and empowers people?
  • Is your leadership resonant with the rest of the organization?
  • Are you influencing the right people, the right way?
  • Does your company have a compelling vision that is shared with the whole organization?
  • Have you promoted someone and want to provide he or she with all the support to ensure his or her success?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you had someone objective you could use as sounding board?
  • Have you been given higher responsibilities and find yourself wondering about your capabilities?
  • Are you introducing a new process and/or culture in your organization?
  • Do you wish you had more time for yourself?

The issues above are real issues in corporations ~ issues that executives and managers face every day. Many leaders believe managers should address these issues, that coaching is part of a manager’s job. So why is it not happening? Managers themselves often face the same issues, they may not have the time, and they may be lacking the competencies required to coach and provide feedback in an objective manner.

Coaching is a process that helps people develop and grow in their abilities to perform and lead, improving their contribution to the business results and impacting positively the company’s results. It provides an objective and safe environment for the person being coached to open-mindedly look at their behaviors and beliefs.

Coaching differs from traditional corporate training in that it is personalized to the individuals, their requirements and the requirements of the company. While training addresses “ skills”, coaching challenges beliefs and assumptions that may be in the way of maximized performance and achievement of goals and creates the awareness necessary for change. This change experienced through coaching is deeper and allows the person being coached to sustain this transformation.

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